Safety & Cleanliness For Your Child

Our office uses the latest in sterilization technology with the LISA medical grade sterilizer. In combination with our Canadian Ezee Kleen water purification system, they provide the best possible microbial protection for your child during treatment.

Digital Radiography

We use digital radiography (x-rays) technology that reduces your child’s exposure to radiation. The use of digital x-rays enables us to efficiently record and track your child’s dental history, increase our diagnostic capabilities, and reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in our office.

Anesthesia and Sedation

For the most part, children are happy to visit us, but for those who are a bit more apprehensive, we offer the most up-to-date techniques and delivery systems for various levels of sedation:

  • Mild sedation through our digital Nitrous Oxide (“laughing gas”) delivery and monitoring system
  • Moderate or conscious sedation
  • Deep or general anesthesia with a qualified anesthesiologist